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Infrastructure Management

Investment in on-going maintenance and rehabilitation of your existing infrastructure is imperative to maximizing service life.  ProgreCiv truly believes in a proactive approach to infrastructure management. ProgreCiv provides long-term comprehensive infrastructure management solutions to maximize the life of your assets.  Specializing in roadway and pavement management, ProgreCiv will help you establish a comprehensive plan to assist in evaluating and determining the most cost efficient alternatives to maximize service life through a initial surveys and inspections, maintenance and rehabilitation alternatives, cost analyses, and modeling utilizing MicroPaver Pavement Management Software.

ProgreCiv will tailor your program specifically to local conditions, applications, capital and maintenance budgets, and project objectives for immediate maintenance and long term management. 


Long-term Solutions  •  Maximize Cost-Benefits  •  Comprehensive Pavement Management

  • Pavement condition surveys
  • Existing infrastructure inspections
  • Comprehensive inventories
  • Pavement management modeling
  • Maintenance and rehabilitaiton planning
  • Pavement/Roadway inspections
  • Comprehensive inspection program
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Project management
  • Construction planning and management
  • Quantity take offs
  • General contracting
  • Funding evaluations
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Asphalt crack seal
  • Professional striping
  • Construction engineering and inspection
  • Program management